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March 28th, 2007


So here's the deal... here's "how this shit works", if you will:
I'm going to see someone doing something stupid or I'm going to see something moronic, and then I'm gonna tell you about it.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.

I might rant about literally anything from some jackass on the subway (of which there are many, and thus a never-ending source of things to say) to a stupid tv commercial to a bad restaurant and lots of other things that I haven't yet thought of. The point is, well, there is no point; that's the point. No one and nothing is safe from my anger. Run and hide, bitches.

[Oh, and sometimes it may seem like I have tourette's, but I assure you, I do not.]

08.24.15.pm, by unnecessarily angry
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Hi. We haven't been introduced. I'm [un]necessarily angry. And I'm pissed off.

05.05.11.pm, by unnecessarily angry
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