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April 2nd, 2007


I get back to NY from a trip and pick up my bag at baggage claim. The plane landed 20 minutes early, so the airport/airline compensated by making sure the bags didn't make it to the carousel until the time they would've had we landed on time. But, that's fine, I don't mind stretching my legs out after sitting for a few hours on a cramped crappy plane. Hell, I don't even mind that they didn't serve a snack, but offered to sell me a bag of potato chips for $3 or a bottle of water for $2. That's fine, I won't ever fly that airline again if I can help it.

What got to me was that I got my bag, and the "zipper sliders" (thanks wikipedia, I'm gonna call them "zips") that close the main compartment, as well as my lock, had been ripped off, leaving me with a useless bag. If I was to open the zipper to get anything out of my bag, I would never be able to close it again. That's a bit aggravating. I've traveled with this same bag and same lock dozens of times, and it's never been a problem. So I find the "Baggage Services" area, which is, of course, hidden away in a corner where you will have trouble finding it, and I go in to complain. Normally, I don't like to complain about stupid shit like this, but when you destroy my only one of something, forcing me to buy a new one, that usually pisses me off enough to make an exception.

Everyone, after getting off of a flight of more than 3 hours or so, is tired, and I was no exception. Waking up early, checking out of the hotel, the trip to the airport, getting through baggage check and security. It's exhausting. And then you're stuck sitting in a metal box for a few hours as your muscles and mind atrophy. So I went in and put my bag on the counter and show the woman the problem (that they ripped off two zips and the lock) and she says "oh, see over there (she points to a sign), we don't cover any problems with the zipper." Don't cover any problems with the zipper? Your fucking airline has just rendered my only piece of luggage entirely useless and you counter that you don't cover problems with the zipper? Ok, go fuck yourself. I happened to have a previous problem with my bag. The bottom of the bag is a hard-ish shell and had 2 runners along the bottom so that the bag sits nicely on the floor. One of those happened to have been destroyed on a previous flight, so I said "well, what about this? you've destroyed my bag and rendered it useless" and she said that they couldn't help with that either. They could ONLY help if my bag had been RIPPED. RIPPED? Are you fucking serious? They RIPPED the fucking lock and two zips right off, but that doesn't fuckin count? The best she could offer me was "I'm sorry." Yeah, I'm sorry too, twat-face. I'm sorry that you're fuckin useless and your job and life is useless. I really appreciate your fucking sympathy, though. That makes me feel loads better about having to buy new luggage. Jackass.

And yes I know it's not that woman's fault, but so what? She's "sorry" that my shit's fucked up? That's fucked.

04.41.00.pm, by unnecessarily angry
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